Sunday, September 8, 2013

A super-fine 9


From this...

 ... To this

Happy birthday to the best mix of crazy and sweet you will ever find in one boy.  You keep us laughing every day with your antics, and you keep me on my toes. Your pre-school teacher told me how well behaved you are in class (but you love making mischief for your Mama... hmmmmm), and that you are definitely a leader, not a follower.  May it always stay that way, and may it serve you well.

Happy Birthday... I love you, my little man!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


As we snuggled together on the eve before she turned 6, Elise said to me, "I wish I could stay 5... everything is perfect when you're 5."

If she only knew the greatness that awaits her; this year, next year and all the years of her life.

She will do amazing things.  She will have an amazing life.  I can feel it. 

And it all started 6 years ago today. Happy birthday to my sweet, wonderful, amazing girl.  I love you and love you.