Monday, February 24, 2014


I haven't done one of these in a long time... actually, I haven't written anything in a long time.  Maybe this will help get me going again...

The other day Elise and Mattias were having an impromptu jam session on their instruments. Towards the end of the song, Elise says the following:

E: And on the drums... Mattias (last name)!
(whispers, "play your solo Mattias") 

*Mattias bangs on his drum*

E: And singing and playing the guitar, Elise (last name)!

*wild guitar solo follows*

E: Thank you, and GOOD NIGHT!

Now I need to get Lucas on the tambourine and we can become our own little Partridge family!


Me: Mattias, why are you so cute?

Mattias: Because YOU are!

Mattias: Mom!  We both love each other and we both like each other! (talking about Elise)

Mattias to his teacher: Did you know my sister lives in Texas?

Mattias (whenever he sees me making something with cheese): Can I have some cheese in my hand?

Elise: What are bombs for?

I explain on a very 6 year old level how bombs are used to hurt people, and countries want to have them to protect themselves.

Elise: That doesn't sound very good for the world.

Mattias to Lucas: Dude... I love you!

(During Halloween, a house in our neighbourhood was all decorated in a haunted house motif... which scared the crap out of Mattias)

Mattias (every time we drive past said house): Mom, look!  It's the rotten house!

At Target, Mattias grabbed a bra of off a hanger and held it up to his chest...

Mattias:  Mom, look! Boobies!

Me: That's great Mattias, let's go.

Mattias: Okay, just let me put my boobies back.

Elise: Mom, do you like a farmer's guitar?

Me: Farmer's guitar?  What's that?

Elise: You know, a banjo

Mattias: Mom, I love you (long pause)... and I like you too.

Elise to my Mom: I get less money than you because you're a grown-up. You get all the money you want.