Friday, March 25, 2011

Shots of joy

If you read my other blog, you know that life has been rough lately. Actually, rough is a bit of an understatement.

The other day, as I was sitting around bemoaning my situation, it dawned on me that maybe the reason joy was lacking in my life was due to the fact that I was sitting around, waiting for joy to come to me.

So I packed up the kids, headed to a local park, and went looking for joy. And you know what?

I found it.

I found joy in his beautiful baby blues

In her fearlessness

In the fact that she actually let me put jeans on her today, and declared, "you know, I don't really mind wearing jeans."

In his adorably, crazy hair

In open-mouthed looks of wonder (a fire truck was driving by with lights and sirens)

In her smile

In trying new things, and liking it!

In seeing just how big she really is

In swinging...


Swinging! And loving it!

Even in trying new things and hating it (not a big fan of the grass)

In seeing beauty, everywhere.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've been calling these posts, "Things Elise Says", but I think I'll steal Jade's idea and call them "Elise-isms".

I'm from Canadian (for some reason she thinks the U.S. is called Canadian. I'm from Canada, but she's from Canadian. Love it!)

Hey Mattias, what's up with your bad self? - I overheard her say this to Mattias the other day.

Me: Where do you want to go for dinner, Elise?
Elise: The place with the cooker and the choo-choo train
Translation: Benihana... that girl has some expensive tastes!

You make my heart happy - she said this to me the other day.

Me: Hey Elise, what is you're favourite thing about skating?
Elise: Falling down

Oh, that's so lovely! - her response to me telling her that the quilt we were using was made and given to her by Liz, one of her favourite people.

Mom, I'm going on an airplane to visit God in heaven, okay? - I went downstairs to find her sitting on the sofa with her backpack, and children's bible.

Me: Elise, it's time to stop whispering and go to sleep!
Elise: I'm not whispering, Mom... I'm talking to God.
How am I supposed to argue with that?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Yeah... they're pretty cute

These videos were shot almost three years apart...
(there's sound in both of them, so have your speakers on)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

6 of one...

Dear Mattias,

Just 6 short months ago, you made your appearance into our lives, yet I cannot remember a time that you were not a part of this family. Life with you these days is so much fun, albeit busier than I ever thought possible.

It is a gross understatement to say that you are THE happiest baby in the world. And it's not just your biased Mom saying this. It is everyone who comes into contact with you. You are quick to smile and laugh, and your little boy "chortle" makes my heart super happy (sorry, your sister has damaged my brain).

For some reason, you are wary of men. If one even approaches you, your eyes get ever-so-watchful, and your mouth starts to twitch; ready to scream lest someone without breasts (who isn't your Poppa) try to wrest you from my grasp. But oh my... you love the ladies, charming them with your baby blues and gummy grins.

You love your sister, who has taken to calling you Teeus. She entertains you daily with her singing and dancing routines. In return, you grab onto her hair and pull, squealing with great delight at your prize. Thankfully, she finds this funny. I pray that you grow up being great friends and remain close throughout your life.

You have discovered your "man bits", and like to grab and twist your junk at every opportunity. Now granted, I do not own this particular piece of equipment, but it is my understanding that doing that should hurt. Not so with you. You are a very strange little guy. I love you for that.

You are rockin' the "ba ba ba ba" and "ma ma ma ma". In fact, you are very vocal, and make many wonderful sounds. I just wish you wouldn't wake up 3 or 4 times a night and make them.

Little man... there is just so much to love about you. The way you pull back when I'm holding you so you can look at my face and smile. The way as soon as anything comes within your reach, your tiny hand shoots out to grab at it. Your crazy red-ish hair that never lays quite right. Your eyes. Your grin. The way you smell.

You are wonderful and I love you. Happy 6 months Teeus!

Those eyes... that smile!

Just chillin'

Father and son

Let's go for a ride!

Sleeping baby

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Posts, that is. Actually, this one is number 402.

So, because I can, here are some more seemingly random facts about lil ol' me. Because it's my blog and I'll post meaningless drivel if I want to.

1. I have now had 8 surgeries (femur x3, jaw x2, knee and c-section x2). That's a whole lotta slicing and dicing. At one point I had 2 plates, 9 screws, and 2 pins inside of me.

2. When I was a kid, I used to find money. A lot. The best was when I found $10 at the age of 8 or so. People used to think I was lucky, but I just walked with my head down a lot.

3. I don't like Disney World/Land. Adults who go without kids strike me as a wee bit creepy.

4. I am the mother of a boy who is almost 6 months old, and I haven't been peed on yet. Although now that I've said it, I'm expecting it to happen any diaper change now.

5. If I ever won the lottery (or came into a lot of money somehow), I would donate a good chunk of it to diabetes research for a cure, pay off our house, and then invest what is left over. No crazy splurges for me. I'm boring like that. Mmmm, wait. My one splurge would be to get all my D-Peeps (fellow parents of diabetics, and persons with diabetes) together for a weekend of fun.

6. Both my babies were born the day after labour day.

7. I think Conan O'Brien is (was? still is?) the absolute funniest late night host. Leno is okay (although my opinion of him went downhill after the whole Conan thing), and Letterman is nothing but a creepy old man who stares at the chests of his female guests. And he's not funny at all. And he's gross.

8. My 30th birthday (on which I turned 30 on the 30th - isn't that your golden birthday or something?) was pretty much the BEST birthday EVER! We were in NYC, and I got to see a taping of Conan. Plus My favourite band, the Hothouse Flowers were performing on a boat that cruised around the Statue of Liberty that night and they had the whole boat sing me Happy Birthday. Gush, gush, gush! Oh... I just happen to have a picture from that night... don't I look rested and happy?

9. Actually, 2006 was the best
year ever. White water rafting in Idaho (no, you da ho), NYC trip, Hawaii, and we found out we were pregnant with Elise... on Christmas Eve, no less.

10. I just cut off 8 inches of hair. Because I have so much hair, it was enough to donate two ponytails... except in all the ensuing chaos of trying to get the house ready for showing, I can't find the baggie of hair I was supposed to mail. Hopefully a potential buyer won't stumble across it as they walk through our house. That would be a little weird.

So tah-da. Ten things about me! Plus one uber-cute picture of my kiddos.