Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've been calling these posts, "Things Elise Says", but I think I'll steal Jade's idea and call them "Elise-isms".

I'm from Canadian (for some reason she thinks the U.S. is called Canadian. I'm from Canada, but she's from Canadian. Love it!)

Hey Mattias, what's up with your bad self? - I overheard her say this to Mattias the other day.

Me: Where do you want to go for dinner, Elise?
Elise: The place with the cooker and the choo-choo train
Translation: Benihana... that girl has some expensive tastes!

You make my heart happy - she said this to me the other day.

Me: Hey Elise, what is you're favourite thing about skating?
Elise: Falling down

Oh, that's so lovely! - her response to me telling her that the quilt we were using was made and given to her by Liz, one of her favourite people.

Mom, I'm going on an airplane to visit God in heaven, okay? - I went downstairs to find her sitting on the sofa with her backpack, and children's bible.

Me: Elise, it's time to stop whispering and go to sleep!
Elise: I'm not whispering, Mom... I'm talking to God.
How am I supposed to argue with that?


Liz Sobolik said...

AWWWWW, she's one of my favorite people too!

Kim said...

Adorable! And how can you argue with the whispering thing?!? How sweet is that?

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ok i'm sooo stealing the isms!

and i love her imagination! makes you want to squeeze her and never let go of this age!