Friday, August 21, 2015


I'm not sure if anyone actually reads this blog anymore, but I have such a huge collection of these gems, I needed to post them somewhere, even if it's just for my own memory's sake. This boy is full of some great sayings:

Nunny - It's what he calls a bunny.  So cute.

What doing? - When he wants to know what you're up to.

Meh-meh tree - Christmas tree.  

No fair! - His response anytime he thinks he's getting the short end of the stick.  When did two year olds learn of this concept?  I blame the older siblings.

Yeah peese! - Yes please!

Yuv Yoo! - Love you... he says this to me every morning when I get him out of his crib.

Dirt bag! - When the kids get Halloween/Easter/Christmas candy, we put it in Ziploc bags with their names on it.  The older two started referring to these as "dessert bags".  Lucas can't say that, so he asks for his "dirt bag".

Nino/Nina - His names for Mattias and Elise.  It's a shortened version of brother/sister in Portuguese.

nem-minem-minems - M&Ms

Nuggle - His word for snuggle.  He asks me for "nuggles" every night.

Yeth - Yes

Hold you - I know lots of kids say this, but it's so adorable I never want him to stop saying it.

Guppies - What he calls fruit gummies

Dat mines - This is what he screams if you take something that belongs to him

Right hew - His response if you ask him where he is.

The other day Mattias was asking me if I could wipe his bum after, well... you know.  Taking a cue from Chick-fil-a, I responded, "it would be my pleasure."  To which Lucas replied, "No!  Dat mines!  Dat mines pleasure!"  I guess when you're two, everything really does belong to you.

And last, the one that inspired me to post this, just happened today.  Lucas was in the kitchen and started yelling, “My nuts! My nuts! I can’t reach my nuts!” I came in to find him reaching for a magnet that has a picture of peanuts on it. So funny and inappropriate all at the same time.