Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Smarties and Coffee Crisp and Aero... Oh my!

So I've totally been craving chocolate lately. The kind of craving that if I don't get it, I'm going to sucker punch the next person that walks by. I'm hungry and I want chocolate. Unfortunately, the kind of chocolate I want is not readily available here. It's the chocolate of my younger days, when I lived in Canada. Where mountain streams have boxes of Smarties floating in their waters. It rains Aero bars, and snows Coffee Crisp. And you can get the good Kit Kat. I'm sorry, but the Kit Kat here just doesn't taste as good. Did I forget to mention that our roads are also paved with Kraft Dinner and Shreddies?

In truth, I could get my hands on these chocolate bars, but I'd have to pay out the nose for it. I'm sorry, $2.00 for one chocolate bar? Is it a magic chocolate bar that will replicate itself into many more chocolate bars? No? Then take your $2.00 chocolate bar and suck on it.

I'm talking to you World Market.


HeyJade said...

Haha, yeah...World Market has some fun, hard to find stuff, but it's crazy expensive!

RYC: Preston had some trouble with shallow breathing right after he was born. He also stayed in the NICU for 7 days because of some unknown infection...they never nailed down what it was exactly, but it was causing his blood cell counts to be high or something or other.

Amber S. said...

Coffee Crisp?! Never had one, but, oh, it sounds luscious! I am partial to Toblerone - we joke that it's the "Seastrunk" (a Swiss name - it's Swiss chocolate) in me! Toblerone is not as hard to find as Coffee Crisp, I am sure, but still can't be readily picked up down at the QT Station. By the way, a pregger chick has no business reading/writing about chocolate at this late at night anyway?! YUM - gotta have some now! ;-)