Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Bilingual Baby

Ever since Elise was about 9 months old, Fred has been speaking to her only in Portuguese. I love that she understands both languages fluently, and even mixes in Portuguese when she speaks. These days, I'd say it's about a 70 to 30 English to Portuguese ratio, but we managed to catch her in a "Portuguese moment" on tape.

para baixo = down
para cima = up


phonelady said...

I think that is wonderful maybe she will grow up to work for the United Nations , good job Fred what a way to secure your little girls future . LOL !! what can I say Elise is a doll.

HeyJade said...

Haha, supercute!!

Kim said...


David and April Vinson said...

So awsome! I need to be better about speaking Spanish to Nathan! You've motivated me now! (We'll see how long I stick to it...)