Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful for turkies

It appears that I will only be blogging on major holidays now, and although this post is a very days late, it still doesn't change that fact that I am very thankful for my two little turkies. They make me crazy, but life would sure be dull without them!

Foraging for acorns

Pink rain boots and a dress make you jump higher!


... and HIGHER!

You can't see her, but he's totally cracking up at something Elise is doing


I think he knows he's cute

The stink-eye

Elise saw this hat at Target and bought it with her own money... my little fashionista!

She wanted to be a pirate

Always the little ham

Obligatory "kids playing in the leaves" shot

My little man... love him!



Is there anything sweeter than a girl and her dog?


Kelly said...

Those are the two cutiest turkies I have ever seen!

shannon said...

omg these pics are sooo adoooorbs! elise's bought with her own money hat is so killer! and i love the jumpy ones! and the one of mattias cracking up at his sister! happy belated thanksgiving!

My Little Eye said...

Oh my goodness...cute kids! And way to teach your kiddos about saving and spending!! Great parenting already!