Monday, February 27, 2012

Bringing the Buzz... Kroger Comforts for Baby wipes!

Over the next couple of posts, I am going to be writing some reviews of products that I got to try by being a Bzzagent. To read more about Bzzagent, click here. These are my own opinions, I did not have to say anything nice about them if I didn't want to.

They're aren't too many things in this life that I'm picky about (okay, you can stop laughing now please), but one thing I tend to be choosy about is what I use to clean my baby's bum.

I stay away unnecessary scents or other harmful additives that are harsh on skin. I'm hoping Mattias hasn't inherited any of the skin issues that go along with being a redhead, and I'll do my best not to contribute to the problem.

I was very pleased with Kroger Comforts for Baby wipes. The were thick and soft; almost cloth-like, and had just the right amount of moisture. And I like that they don't have alcohol or any other chemicals in them.

In fact, I like them better than Pampers; which have way too much moisture in them and aren't as thick. The Kroger wipes are comparable to the Huggies brand, except in price.

When I buy wipes, I look for a price point of .015 or less per wipe, and the big box of Kroger Comforts brand usually sell for that without a coupon. If you're a Kroger Plus member, you can usually load coupons for the Comforts brand into your shopping card on the Kroger website.

I also like to buy their smaller packs to throw in the diaper bag... at about $1.25 for a pack of 72, it's much cheaper than either Pampers or Huggies.

I give the Kroger Comforts for Baby wipes 5 out of 5 dirty tushies!


shannon said...

lol dirty tushies!