Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mattias-isms... the weird ones

When we decided that Fred would only speak to our kids in Portuguese, many people were concerned that it would delay our kids, language-wise.  The answer was a resounding "no", seeing how Elise said her first word at the age of 7 months and never looked back.  I mean, the girl spoke in complete sentences before she turned two.

She has not stopped talking since.

Now with Mattias, it's been different.  He also said his first word at the age of 7 months, but we noticed he was more than happy to just point at things and grunt.  We chalked this up to the fact that; a) he is a guy, and b) his big sister makes up for his apparent mute-ness.

But lately all that has changed and he now talks up a storm.  Except we have no idea what the crap he is saying because the little man has his own language and apparently I am the lone translator.  Here are a couple of his gems:

agua-wa - water

Poom - shoes

Glngh-glngh (very hard to write phonetically) - Elise (no, I don't know why)

Baba - iPad

Apoom - fork

Acune - music. 

Pa - truck

Begungh - bird

Gungh -  Any number of letter of the alphabet.  When I read books with either of these, he'll point to the letter or number and say, "Gungh!"  For every one.  The funny thing is when he watches Wheel of Fortune with Elise (she loves that show), he will actually yell out letters, "Ah!", "Ohh!", "Eeee!", "Mmmm!"  Then he claps for himself.

I love this boy!


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i love baby language...

kate used to call grayson day-knee
it's stuck and poor boy is nearly 16 and we call him dayknee

i had a giggle at the whole boy thing....funny how they grunt and point and yet when they are past 40 they still do it!!!

shannon said...

beautiful boy!

love this record of his words, will be so valuable to you when he's older. :)

girltravelor said...

I am always amused by Lizbeth's combination of Chinese and English. Lately she has gotten into "translating" where she says a word in Chinese and then tells us what it means in English. She started this all on her own!