Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pregnancy Stuff to remember - Week 19

Size of baby: I googled this one... apparently my baby is the size of an heirloom tomato. Seriously... out of all the fruits/veggies they could have picked, their choice was this rather obscure one?

Total Weight Gain:
If you go by my normal weight, I've gained 3 pounds.  Pre-pregnancy weight has me at minus 7.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, but mostly because normal clothes just feel so uncomfortable right now.  Maternity stuff is too big, but feels better.  So right now I'm walking around with my pants on the ground...

We know... but I'll do a reveal post one of these days soon.  Any guesses???

Yes.  And then some.  This is one very active baby!

Symptoms: Thankfully the nausea has passed.  I still don't really have an appetite which stinks.  I want to be excited about eating again!

Sleep: I'm still having no problem in that area, even without the anti-nausea meds.

What I miss:
Not much... I enjoy this part of pregnancy.  I can tell that I'll have to stop sleeping on my back pretty soon though.

Cravings: Pepsi is the one huge craving right now.  I don't drink pop otherwise, but have craved Pepsi every pregnancy.  I wait until I'm in the second trimester, and then only allow myself one small can.  I also try to drink it every other day if I can hold off.  And I will only drink it with crushed ice and a straw.  Otherwise I don't want it.  Don't ask me...

Best Moments this week: No "best" moment, but the most interesting came this morning when I accidentally took one of my anti-nausea meds instead of my thyroid meds.  They look almost identical and the anti-nausea meds knock me out.  It's been 7 hours and I *just* have started feeling like I'm not going to fall over.

What I am looking forward to: Our trip to San Francisco next week!  Woo to the hoo, baaaaaaby!


Kelly said...

Your just one cute pregnant Lady! Please don't keep us in suspense for too long on this little one's heart says girl but my gut says boy! Hope you enjoy your trip to San place I have always wanted to go. xoxo

David and April Vinson said...

Hmmm... I'm gonna guess girl...although I find myself switching back and forth.... I agree, not TOO much suspense, PLEASE! I'm DYING to know!! :)And... apparently I'm part robot... I swear it took me forever to get a code that I could decipher!

gene bernice said...
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David and April Vinson said...

ok, Joanne... I can't stand it!! What are you having?!?!