Wednesday, January 23, 2013


For the longest time, Mattias didn't really talk.  And when he did, he spoke in some weird language only I could understand.  About 50% of the time.  When he turned 2, all of a sudden the words came and he hasn't stopped taking since.  Some of my favourites:

Me (walking into Mattias's room one morning): Good morning, little man!

Mattias: Mama! Co-co (Portuguese for poop)! Co-co Mama!
(Sure enough, there was co-co).

Hear-we-ow-ow-ow-ow - Cereal.  I'm not sure why he adds those extra syllables on the end, but it sure is cute!

I ate my food all! - This is cute because it is a direct translation of I ate all of my food, from Portuguese.  Even cuter is that Elise used to say the exact same thing.

Kip-kip tree - Christmas tree

Hinnerwanna -

wucass - Baby Lucas

Que dat? - What's that?  A hybrid of Portuguese and English.

Mama, I'm talking to you -
what he says when he's trying to get my attention.

I want to tell you something - Usually he doesn't, he just likes to say it.

Hoo-ha - What he calls his pacifier... in Portuguese the word is pronounced shusha, but he can't say the letter "S".  Hence the hilarious, yet oh-so inappropriate pronunciation.
My silly boy, at the "kip-kip" tree farm


Kelly said...

These are all simple precious...just like he is! xoxo

shannon said...

love love love that you keep a record of all of this. and the bilingual thing brings some great stuff out! :)

emily w said...

hoo ha. perfect. and then we have the picture of him slinging his blade Hoo! HA !! indeed.
by the way, congrats on the charming new member of the family. I haven't commented in so long, but we think of you and the family often.
emily wilbert

girltravelor said...

Love those bilingual kid-isms. Lizzy constantly says "open" and "close" the lights, as opposed to "turn on" and "off". Maybe this many kids say but we think it's because it's a direct translation from Chinese :-)

girltravelor said...

Okay, I'm tired. Of course I meant to say "maybe many other kids also say this". Of course I know you know what it means to be tired, so I'm not going to try and change it...