Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Bad Timing that's all

When Fred and I made our way onto foreign soil at the Peace Arch Crossing in February of 2000, we had nary an idea that we'd still be living in the U.S. almost 10 years down the road. In Texas, no less.

But here we are, and here we will remain until we have received our coveted not-actually-green cards. We started the process about seven years ago.

"Wait," you say, "did you just say you've been waiting for your not-actually-green cards for SEVEN years?"

Yes. Yes I did. And I have come to the conclusion that the U.S. government is a testimony to really bad timing. I offer the following:

Since moving here, I have never been able to legally work. It was a frustrating existence to say the least; being a willing, able-bodied and somewhat able-brained, employable person with no outlet and $75,000 of consumer debt, but not able to do my part made me a very cranky person. Alas, I found my place in a volunteer position at my church where they treated me very much like part of the staff, yet never took advantage of my vast quantities of free time. I stayed until Elise was born.

About three months after Elise's arrival, came something else. My Employee Authorization Document (EAD). In plain English it meant I could now legally receive a paycheque in the U.S. Except now I didn't want to.

Good one, American government, very funny. Have I mentioned that it's been SEVEN YEARS???

I think I forgot to mention that with the not-actually-green card application came the advice from the lawyers to not travel outside the country. That's right, Fred hasn't been able to leave the U.S. since 2001. I am more free to come and go as I please since the application is not in my name, but the last time I left was in 2005. Because let's face it, it really isn't so much fun travelling on your own unless you're 20 years old and riding the train through Europe with nothing but a backpack.

Do people still do that?

But about a week ago came Fred's long-awaited travel document. Huzzah! We can now take Elise back to Canada to meet friends and family that have only been able to watch Elise grow through our borderline-fanatical taking of the daily picture. If have no idea what I'm talking about, go here.

Except about two weeks ago I had to send my passport back to Canada for renewal, so according to the new laws, I'm not even able to enter MY OWN COUNTRY, because I am now passport-less.

Seriously, does the government keep tabs on stuff like that? Is there a guy who works for the government whose sole purpose is to send out the documents you've been waiting for at the very least convenient time? Or are they just masters of bad timing?

Oh, and 200 Senility Points for anyone who knows where the title of my post comes from (without googling it, thankyouverymuch - and yes, I'll know it if you do).


phonelady said...

I think everything on that level with passports and all are because of 9/11 things are so much more tight now because of that . also the title of your post has something to do with a movie cant remember the name though . thanks for sharing this .

Meri said...

OMG Joanne! That is love. A picture everyday? Absolutely amazing!

Sorry about the stupid passport. I hope you get home soon to see the fam. I know how hard it is when you are far away from the ones you love!