Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why I'll be taking up residence in a mental insitution soon

I don't know what you think it looks like, but it's dog fur.

But that alone is not enough to make me want to commit myself.

It's the fact that this tuft of hair (admittedly rather small compared to some of the tumbleweeds that roll through my house), appeared a mere 60 seconds after I had just finished vacuuming.

But that's not even the whole story either.

This seemingly innocuous furry flotsam showed up only a minute after I turned the vacuum off, AND my dog was not even inside the house!

Which begs the question, where did it come from?

It shouldn't surprise me, really. I mean, my dog sheds her body weight in fur every day. And while I should roll out my Eureka at least every other day, I don't. Because who has that kind of time? Who would eat all the bon bons if I did that?

I've threatened to shave Seven on many occasions, but Fred is not cool with it. Not even if I do something funky, like just shave her body and leave her head and tail intact.

Sometimes Fred is just no fun.

I may do it anyway.


phonelady said...

oh look at sevens face how could you be mad at that face ? Im a dog nut I know it and have been called that several times over . Hey it is what it is . I know how you feel my uncle had a long haired dog and he lived with us and my mom was always having one of us kids pop out the bissell and vacuum . I hate vacuums now and I also hate dog hair loose that is . Oh well thanks for sharing and bringing back some memories LOL!!!

Wym said...

I'm not a dog nut. I hate fur. I like other peoples dogs when they don't jump on or lick me. I say shave her. Shave her now. Or him?

Meri said...

Fur is my nemesis. It is a constant battle. Good thing I have four boys that like to vacuum! It's happend to me before. I finish vacuuming and the tuft of hair shows up. I think when I turn off the vacuum, there is a burst of air that brings the hair out of hiding. I've accepted that it will never all go away. But I'll continue to fight it till the end!

David & April Vinson said...

Hey Joanne! Just found your blog! Have to say, you are too funny! Love your entries! Can't believe how big little Elise is! Time flies! Love to you all!

Laura Houston said...

Ut-Oh! You may not be able to handle my house. I have 3 kids and no dogs but it's a mess!

I will be sure and have the maid come before you guys come over.
Maid? Oops - better add that to my to-do list: Hire maid.