Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now we are four

This is Mattias's birth story. I am aware that is will probably be of no interest to anyone but me and those directly related to me, but I wanted to write it down while it is still fresh... hopefully one day Mattias will be interested in hearing about his arrival into our world.

Elise's story was very different and it was interesting to compare the two. Of course, we knew from the beginning that I was going to have a planned c-section with Mattias. I would have liked to try a VBAC, but the complications are a little frightening to me, plus I LOVE my doc, and going for a VBAC would have meant going with another doctor. I'm a tad bit finicky about who I let slice me open and root around inside me.

We chose a 12:00 pm surgery time because it worked best with Elise's schedule, and I really wanted her to be there for the birth. Given my history with any plans I make associated with birth, I should have known better. We checked into the hospital at 9:45 and settled in for what turned out to be a long wait.

My doc was called into an emergency, so my surgery was pushed back. I was getting so nervous and I just wanted to get it over with. Noon came and went, with no ETA. I was all dressed up in a gown that showed off my booty, and no place to go! They had me hooked up to a monitor and I was having some pretty strong contractions that were getting closer and closer together. Mattias wanted to be born that day, one way or another!

At lunch, my husband thought it would be appropriate to get Chick-fil-a for himself, Elise and my Mom; and they all merrily ate in front of the poor preggo who hadn't eaten anything in almost 14 hours. Then they all acted surprised when I was all surly.

Unfortunately, after lunch my Mom had to take Elise home because it was nap time. I was catching up on some blogs when my doc finally stuck her head in my room. It was 1:51 pm and all of a sudden I wasn't so sure I was ready. Things happened pretty quickly after that. They rolled me to the operating room, and the anesthesiologist (aka drug doc) got to work on my spinal. I was so nervous about this part, but turned out to be no big deal.

As I was being prepped, the nerves started up big time. Fred was brought in, all done up in his OR duds and before I knew it, the slicing began. My husband, being the weirdo/rockstar he is watched the whole operation from start to finish. All I could do was thank God for that beautiful blue curtain.

At this point, I received one of the nicest compliments ever from my doc... as she was cutting into me she exclaimed that I had almost zero fat and that my belly was ALL baby. When you're 9 months pregnant the weirdest things will make you happy. I'm just sayin'.

The drug doc did a great job of keeping me occupied from the start of the surgery until Mattias was born. There are really no words to describe the sweet sound of hearing your baby's first cry. It is one of the most unreal experiences in the world, and I wish I could have recorded it to listen to over and over again. Of course I started to cry too, and all I wanted was to lay eyes on that beautiful baby boy of mine. The waterworks really started a soon as I saw his sweet face. Love at first sight!

The rest of the story is pretty mundane; I was taken back to recovery, given some super-awesome drugs, was able to hold and nurse Mattias for the first time (awww, my heart absolutely swooned... this was one of the things I missed the most), and then wheeled into my room where I got to witness Elise meeting her brother for the first time. At one point during my journey from room to room, I remember waving the "queen's wave" at my doctor. What can I say, I love me some good pain killers!

Welcome to the world baby boy... I'm awfully glad you're here.


Kim said...

I love birth stories! Thanks for sharing!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

aw congrats from us again!

David and April Vinson said...

I love birth stories too! Love that cute little taco baby picture! He's so cute! Glad all went well! (Bummer about the delay and naptime interference!)