Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

When Elise was 10 months old, I took a picture of her holding a Canadian flag and posted it for Canada Day. It's become something of a tradition, and now I get to take pictures of TWO kiddos waving my favourite country's flag.

Happy Canada Day! As Elise said this morning, "I wish we could be with Canada for the big birthday party".

Me too, Elise.

Happy Canada Day everyone!


My Little Eye said... too!

Jade =) said...

Oh my stars, Elise is so beautiful in that photo... she's just gorgeous. And that is the greatest shot of Mattias, too... he's going to town with the waving. Those deserve printing and framing, in my opinion! Lol. Happy Canada Day, ya'll! =)

sky0138 said...

aww such adorable pics Joanne!! Happy Canada Day to you all! It was crazy hot here and we celebrated by going to Bacon Fest 2011, playing at the park, and fireworks! Tell Elise that Canada's birthday party was fun but next year her Mommy should bring the whole family to celebrate too! :o)