Sunday, August 7, 2011

This one goes to 11... it's one louder

Happy 11 months to my crazy little boy. Heavy emphasis on the crazy. I love this little guy so much, but oy... he wears me out. I've discovered that if I put him down and turn my back for 10 seconds, he can get into the following:

-climbing the stairs.

-tipping over the dog's water dish.

-finding any bug/crumb/dust bunny/dog fur ball and putting it in his mouth.

-playing in the toilet.

The phrase, "where's Mattias?" is uttered often in our house. As well as; "Mattias STOP!", "Mattias, NO!", and, "WHAT ARE YOU EATING NOW???"

This month Mattias got sick for the first time since he was born. It was a pretty nasty tummy bug, and like all nasty tummy bugs, it started at 3:00 in the morning. He didn't let it slow him down, and we discovered he loves saltines!

His latest thing is giving kisses. And by kisses, I mean he sticks his tongue out and licks you. But it's cute... I promise. Especially when you ask him for a kiss, and he comes crawling at you with the most adorable, cock-eyed grin and his tongue starting to stick out.

He's babbling a lot these days, and as well as saying hi, bye, ola, Mama, and Papa; I'm pretty sure he said "Elise" the other day. While he does his Gollum-crawl around the house, you can often hear him muttering, "bucka, bucka, bucka."

We're still trying to figure out the translation on that one.

Like I said, I love this kiddo so much. He's 100% boy. He makes me tired. And a little bit crazy. But oh my is he ever-so-squeezable! Can he really be 11 months already?

Lunch time! Yeah... that IS a pink bib he's wearing... so?

Playing in baby jail

Trying to get him to sit still for a picture is like trying to herd a cat

He's hatching some sort of plot

That face sums it all up... he's CRAZY!

Watching some TV

Sweet boy

Mmmm, mashed potatoes!

Love his sweet face!


sky0138 said...

aww LOVE the pics...and I totally can not stop laughing at the "herding a cat" term!

Kim said...

That is so adorable! Boys are crazy and fun. Josiah is 6 and still into creatively destroying stuff. But I have to say he is a little less drama then some of the girls we hang out with, so there are pros and cons to each. :-)

Love ya and miss ya!

shannon said...

lol @ your post title ahahah!

omg looooove the pics! that sweet face makes up for all the insanity, yeah? LOVE IT!

Amanda said...

he's darling! And, I started calling it baby jail too; but then Luke began asking about jail, and I wasn't ready to discuss criminals and convicts. So it's now called the baby's "learning center." It definitely has a better ring to it.