Sunday, September 4, 2011

She's 4

Dear Elise,

hen you have children, people love to tell you, "cherish these days, they will be grown before you know it." And while you are not yet grown, you are 4. Which is almost the same thing to me. I blinked, and my tiny baby morphed into a pre-schooler. They really must put some sort of crazy hormones in that milk.
Although I do miss you as a baby, you have grown into such an amazing little girl. You have the sweetest heart and I have never met a child that feels so deeply. I honestly don't think you have a mean bone in your body. Thankfully, your mother does and stands ready to give an atomic wedgie to anybody who dares to make you cry.
That's not to say that you are a wimp. Quite the contrary. You are probably stronger that most adults. Perhaps it's because of the diabetes, but I think it's just who you are; strong spirited.
Elise, you are beautiful; inside and out. And while most people comment on your outer beauty, I want you to remember to stay beautiful on the inside. You are kind. You are generous. You are loving and the best big sister to Mattias. I love who you are; a quirky, fun princess with a huge imagination and a heart to match.
Four years have now passed since the first moment I held you in my arms. And I have held you everyday since. It never gets old.

Thank you for making me a Mom. And happy birthday to my sweet little bean.

Your Momma


Bev said...

Happy Birthday Elise!!!

Jade =) said...

Happy birthday, precious girl! Was great watching you playing with your friends yesterday!!!

Wym said...

Your doing a great job Mom! She is amazing.

My Little Eye said...

aw...happy bday sweet little girl! I remember when your momma and pops announced they were preggo with you. Love how happy you've made your parents, and I'm excited to see your thumbprints on this world.

Kim said...

That is beautiful, Joanne! I hope you do this letter to her every year, and that she ends up with a collection of them to cherish.

shannon said...

aww, happy birthday elise! :)