Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Twas the night before one...

... and all through the city,
a little boy's screams could be heard
Teething certainly is...


Yes, I wanted to say it, but I decided to hold back.

As you could probably tell by the above bit a "poetry", Mattias has finally sprouted teeth, meaning he beat his sister by 4 whole months.

We're not going to tell her that, because she's a tad bit competitive.

If that wasn't enough, Mattias also took his first steps this month. How I have missed that wobbly drunk-baby walk!

The month preceding his first birthday has been the hardest yet, mostly due to the aforementioned teeth. I really don't remember it being this dramatic with Elise, but I'm ready to put Mattias on a 24 hour advil drip.

We have also discovered that Mattias is a bit of a ham. He'll do anything for a laugh, and when he gets on out of you, he'll do whatever it was that made you laugh in the first place over and over again, cackling like a madman.

Hard to believe that tomorrow my little man will be one. I love this little guy to pieces, despite his crazy ways.

Tennis anyone?

Hangin' with Seven

Showing he's man enough to vacuum, with a pink one, no less

Love those baby blues

I love these ones too

Trying to stay cool

Okay, I know that seeing my son climb the stairs with a golf ball in his mouth and the first thing I do is grab my camera is not a sign of good parenting... but come on! How funny is that picture?

Strike a pose

Enjoying a blueberry pancake


I can't hear you!

But I'll blow you a kiss!

Enjoying his smash cake at his birthday party

Pulling sister's hair

Celebrating Elise's birthday... birthday buddies!

Keeping cool at the water park with Avó Teresa


shannon said...

omg so many awesome pics! my fave might be the blueberry in the nose one!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

I NEARLY SPIT MY COFFEE ON MY LAPTOP WHEN I SAW THE PICTURE OF THE GOLF BALL AND STAIRS...that is so something i would have done...I mean not have done! (grins) he's a mini boy twin of his big sissy