Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hello there, 5!

Dear Lucas,

I figured it's about time I wrote you one of these.  After all, your sister got one every month for her first year (though they're not posted on this blog).  Mattias also got them every three months or so. Now it's your turn.  I promise you it wont always be this way often-overlooked-third-child.  Would it help if I secretly told you that you're my favourite?

All joking aside, you kinda are.  Let's face it... you're adorable (okay, the other two are as well), but you don't talk back.  Or tell me no.  Or give me attitude.  You seem to get that silence is golden, and... your poop doesn't smell bad.

I thought I'd start with today, because for many reasons, it's pretty special.  First off, it's your Uncle Marc's birthday.  You met him a few weeks ago and seemed to like him, even though the thought of changing your diaper made him gag.

Secondly, it is your 5th monthaversary.  It seems unbelievable that you have been around for that long.  Yesterday, I saw a mom with a newborn and it seemed to me that you still should be exactly that size; all tiny and snugly.  I love the stage you're in, but I do miss those milk-coma days.

But most importantly, exactly one year ago today, I found out that you were on your way to bless our family.  I remember being so scared, not because you were coming, but because there were signs that I was going to loose you.  I had known about you for less than 24 hours, yet I was already so in love with the idea of you that I could barely breathe.

But here you are; 365 days later.  A perfect fit into this crazy family of ours. You are such a lovely baby and you are so loved. I can't wait to see what this life has in store for my wonderful third-born.

Your Mama


Kelly said...

Who couldn't be in LOVE with all of that cuteness! Happy 5th! xoxo