Friday, May 31, 2013

Elise-isms & Mattias-isms

Mom... I need help dressing my princess. She has boobs.

Elise, what would you like for your snack?

Elise: Well Mom, I'm glad you asked that question...

I want to send God an email... does He have a laptop?

I'm not bossy... those are just my rules

While watching olympic swimming, she saw Michael Phelps being interviewed.  She crept up to me and bent down to whisper the following in my ear;
"Mama?  Why does that man have boobies?"

I told her they help him to swim faster.

The other day, while we were eating dinner, Elise told me she was full.  I replied that I guess she would not be eating the cupcake we had for dessert, since she was too full to finish her dinner.  She then went on to tell me the following:

"Well Mom, my RIB jar is full.  You see, in my tummy I have all these different jars; carrot jar, grape jar, ribs jar and cupcake jar.  My rib jar is full, so I couldn't possible eat anymore ribs.  But my cupcake jar is empty... plenty of room for a cupcake!"

I gave her the cupcake.

Mom are you even listening to me?

What do people in Africa even wear... tank tops?

Come on Mattias, let's kick it! (while listening to music)

Mom!  You cannot wear that shirt... people will see your bra!
(I was looking at a sheer top the other day while we were shopping)


And let's not forget about Mattias, who says some pretty funny things in his own right:

Elise, you look beautiful! (he said this to her after her hair was curled and she was all dressed up for her pre-school graduation)

I live in United States Running
(what he calls the U.S. - I can't even hazard a guess as to what it means).

I got a referee!
(holding up his game puck which was given to him by an NHL ref).


Kelly said...

My Cupcake Jar is empty...priceless and simply precious! These made my day! xoxo