Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My new strategy

Fred is out of town for the next few days. And my offspring have been driving me nuts lately, so my thought was as follows:
  • Get the crazy minions out of the house so they won't mess it up.
  • Have lots of fun so they fight less.
  • All this exersice will make them tired at the end of the day and I'll want to smother them less. 
Outing #1: local park
He doesn't look impressed, but he was having fun
My three high-flyers

Da boys

I am unsure of this swinging business
Outing #2: Picnic lunch at another local park and spray ground

Spray ground cutie
My skinny little chicken

He couldn't play, but was all smiles anyway

Me and my drooly littlest man

I told you he was a skinny chicken.  For the record, those are 18m swim shorts. And he's trying to pull them up, not down

Outing #3: Dinner at a local grocery store (that has a resturant and playground). Ice cream for dessert

I really don't know. This was the pose they decided on
Outing #3 included an emergency diaper change for Mattias in the middle of eating ice cream. It was truely gross and I felt bad for the other diners in our vicinity. Thank goodness for friends that just happen to walk by when you need them.  And for employees who don't stand up to you when you barge your way in even after they tell you the bathroom is closed for cleaning for the next 10 minutes.  I think the poor man could smell us coming.

All in all the mission was a success... all three children slept soundly through the night (something we've been having issues with all three of them lately), and were in a great mood this morning.  And I want to smother them a little less.

Everybody wins!


Kelly said...

I think I may need to try this strategy! We have entered the NO NAP ZONE. All three of your cuties just keep getting more and more cute! Have a great Summer! xoxo