Friday, May 23, 2008


I have a question. What is proper bletiquette (blog etiquette) for responding to people's comments on your blog?

Do you reply via email?

Do you reply to their comment with a comment on your own blog?

Or do you reply with a comment on their blog?

I'm just wondering, I don't want to commit bad bletiquette.
And did you know that "bletiquette" is actually a word that has been used before? Man... I thought I had just made up a brand new word.


HeyJade said...

I don't know what the official 'rule' is. With Xanga you can reply to a comment on your own blog and it notifies the person you're responding to that you responded. If that made sense. Otherwise, I usually respond on the commenter's blog 'cause they're most likely to look there rather than back at my blog. But yeah...I don't know what you're officially 'supposed' to do.