Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's focus

I think focus groups are awesome. Not that I've ever been in one. It's the IDEA of focus groups that make me happy. You want to pay me for my opinion and feed me salty snacks at the same time? Bring it on! I have opinions... lots of 'em. I don't like your new haircut! Hockey is the best sport ever! It's too hot today! Now give me my $50 and pretzels.

Which leads me to my question. Do they focus group TV shows? Because I could have told you without even SEEING the show Cavemen that it was going to suck. Really ABC? You want to do a 30 minute sitcom based off a car insurance commercial? And you were surprised when it tanked? I will admit, the commercials were funny. But some things are better in 15 and 30 second doses. Like listening to Michael Bolton (actually, some things are better to have never existed at all).
And if they did have a focus group for that show... well then, those people LIED to the producers. And we all know that lying is wrong. Salty snacks notwithstanding.

Just a random thought that I decided to chase down with a butterfly net and post here.
Because I can.


HeyJade said...

Haha, I love you! I'm actually doing a focus group tonight for a cell phone company. Not sure what they want to know, but I certainly have some opinions on them! Haha. I think I get $75 for an, sweet! Still keeping my eyes/ears open for info to send your way to get you in on a group! Haha.

christygirl said...

You are funny....but surely you know this.