Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Liddle Good-bye

Last night there was a get together to say good-bye to our friends John and Katy Liddle. They are moving to Weatherford OK, where John got a job at a radio station doing pretty much everything, including sweeping the floors. I kid, I kid! He'll actually be doing some sports broadcasting, which is something he's been wanting (as well as something he's very good at). Yay John!

Anyway, I am sure going to miss me some Liddles. I wish that Fred and I had been able to spend more time with them, but life just seemed to always get in the way. John and Katy are the type of people that make a party more fun just by being there. Their joy for life is infectious, and you can't help but love being around these two. They are cool, fun, crazy, silly, sweet, and just plain lovely. And now they're leaving. Curse you, Oklahoma... when will you stop stealing our friends?

Please come back soon John and Katy. We'll miss you!

Liddles and the Cunhas