Monday, July 14, 2008

What am I, hard of Smelling?

Cleaning... not really one of my favourite things. But one thing I enjoy less than cleaning is wallowing in my own filth, so I do it. This morning I noticed the master bathroom was becoming a little unsightly, so when Elise went down her nap, I went to work. I was out of bathroom cleaner so I went downstairs to my laundry room to get something from my stash. I saw something new that I had never used before and the label proclaimed it's scent to be "Green Apple Breeze". I closed my eyes and envisioned my bathroom would smell like an apple orchard on a bright spring morning.

My bottle must have been labelled wrong, because what I got was, "Green Apple Assault on my Sense of Smell". Seriously, I think that must be what hell smells like because it was BAD. I'm not looking for something I can spritz under my arms to freshen up with, but Bathroom Cleaner Makers? You've got to be able to do better than that.

At least my bathroom is clean.


Little Loveys Mom said...

at least the bathroom got clean...when i got downstairs to get something i get side tracked and never make it back to my original plan! lucky you! ;o)