Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Thrill of the Hunt

I love a good deal... I do. I always tell people it's not really the shopping I enjoy, it's finding a good bargain. I have to be careful though, or I might find myself buying a coffee maker, just because it's 75% off. This would be a bad deal because neither Fred nor I drink coffee.

We actually have a rule in our house. I'm not allowed to buy toothbrushes unless they cost a quarter or less. This is because we have roughly about 50 toothbrushes stored under our guest bathroom sink. Along with about 15 tubes of toothpaste, 40 bars of soap, 5 boxes of band-aids, 10 deodorants, 5 cans of shaving cream, and close to about 20 razors (most of them Fusion razors, no less). Pretty much all of this was either free or 50 cents out of pocket for each item. Like I said, I love a good bargain. I clip coupons, and I watch sales. I'm pretty lucky that I'm blessed with an almost photographic memory. I can see an item on sale and know I have a coupon for that. I can also remember prices of items for each store we shop at, so I can know if I'm getting a good deal. Unfortunately, this really only works with money... I was never able to use it as an advantage while studying.

All this to say, I got the mother of all deals today. Granted, it was with a little help from my neighbour that works for the store. But man, I may not come down all week from this "bargain high". Right now in a lot of stores, diapers are going on clearance. That's because following the trend of a lot of other products, they're charging you the same price, for less product. So in come the newer, smaller packages, and all the old packages are going on clearance. My neighbour who works for the store, put aside 6 of the BIG boxes for me. So I went in today to buy them, and found they had been marked down almost 75%! Plus I had a bunch of coupons I could use. In the end, I paid $44 for 752 diapers. Or, roughly 5 cents a diaper. The person checking me out shot me some weird looks, probably because I was giggling from the sheer joy of it.

So hopefully, I can stunt Elise's growth enough that she'll stay in size 3 diapers for awhile. Looks like I'm going to need that coffee maker after all.


HeyJade said...

Wow, good going...I wish I was that good at bargain hunting and coupons and all that. I end up with all these coupons for stuff we don't use and the ones we would use are expired. Haha.

Amber S. said...

SWEET! What a deal!