Friday, November 21, 2008

Marianne Faith No Morrisey

I think I wrote somewhere on my blog that I wake up with a song in my head every morning. It's true, whether it be a fun They Might Be Giants tune or the more classic "Graceland" by Paul Simon; my brain is a IPod and it's always on shuffle.

I have no clue why this happens, or how my brain makes the song choice. I could be dreaming about Fred and I being one of the final three teams in the Amazing Race, and the last task is figuring out the carb amount of half of a turkey sandwich (no crusts), a cup of yogurt and a banana. On the opposing team is my math teacher from junior high who basically told me I was as dumb as a box of rocks when it came to math. Well in this instance, I totally kick him in the slide-ruler when solving for x, and take off for the finish line. There, the Philiminator greets me with one raised eyebrow and an announcement that Fred and I are the winners of the Amazing Race.

I start to wonder why the cheering crowd suddenly sounds more like a crying baby, and I slowly swim my way to the surface of consciousness. Then my brain kicks in and I hear:

This old heart of mine
Been broke a thousand times.
Each time you break away,
Feel you're gone to stay.

Really, brain? Rod Stewart? I win the Amazing Race and the best you can do is Rod Stewart?

Apparently my brain is a 40-something year old housewife who likes to throw panties at unbelievably ancient singers.