Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Recap

What a fun Halloween we had with our little duck. We decided to go trick-or-treating just before it got dark, because we weren't sure how long Elise would last. We only hit up the houses of friends and neighbours that we know, because it really was for the experience... not the candy. No, I'm serious!

Elise seemed to get the hang of it after just a few houses. She never cried, or got scared. She'd walk up to the door holding Poppa's hand and when the person came to the door, she'd hold out her little pumpkin bucket and then peek in to see what goodies she had received.

When we returned home, we put on our porch light and commenced the handing out of candy. Business was pretty slow, but I did notice a few things:
  • Parents were DRIVING their kids from house to house. Seriously, a car or van would pull up to our driveway, kids would get out, knock on our door, get the candy, and run back to the vehicle. They would then DRIVE to the next house where the process would start anew. Come on people, or we SERIOUSLY that lazy? How sad and lame have we become that we can't even partake in the fun tradition of running from door to door? I can't tell you how much that ticks me off. If anyone has a good reason as to why parents do this, I'm all ears. I'm betting that there isn't one though.
  • I'm pretty generous when it comes to handing out candy. Every kid gets at least three, sometimes four pieces of candy. As I was putting candy into one kids bag, he reached up into the bowl and grabbed three or four more chocolate bars. I was holding the bowl about chest high and clearly not offering the bowl to him. One thing I hate as much as laziness is bad manners.
  • I didn't see a lot of the "aren't you a little too old for this" crowd. The kids we got were mostly in the right age range for Halloween. Good to see.
  • I'm not sure, but I think a guy down towards the end of our street dressed his dog up as a klan member. Fred and I discussed it after we walked by and Fred was of the mindset that surely he wouldn't. But I can't really think of what else it could be. The dog was wearing a white cloak and a pointy white hat (or whatever they call those headthings they wear). I was really at a loss, and am hoping I just missed something.

Whew, I didn't mean for this to get so long. Hope your Halloween was just as fun (but lacking dogs dressed up in a hateful manner).