Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She Thinks the Amazing Race is Mooooo-velous

I have two shows that I really and truly follow. By that I mean if my bum is not firmly planted on the sofa in front of the TV when they are on, then I am taping them. Or DVRing them. Or rather Fred is because I keep forgetting how to. I think Elise has more ability to operate our DVD player than I do. Anyway, one of those shows is Lost, and the other is the Amazing Race.

So I finally get around to watching Sunday's episode of the Amazing Race this afternoon while Elise is napping. Unfortunately, for reasons only known to her, she decides to cut her nap short, with about 15 minutes to go in the episode. I figure, what the heck, it's only 15 minutes... I can finish it off while she hangs with me.

One of the tasks in the episode had teams wandering around Almaty, Kazakhstan in a cow costume. Elise found this particularly entertaining and jumped off the sofa, ran up to the TV while yelling, "Cow! Cow! Cow! Moooooooooooooooo!" She stayed glued to the TV set for the rest of the show, mooing every time the cow would appear.

Amazing Race, you have just won yourself another fan.

Edited to add: apparently, we don't actually have a DVR. It's a DVD that has recording capability. I thought the two were one and the same, but a DVR has a hard drive. So I stand corrected and have learned my new thing for the day. So I guess I can finally go to bed, safe in the knowledge that I'm technologically stupid. And you know what? I am so okay with that.


fred said...

I'm glad you're okay with that :^)

HeyJade said...

Haha, I don't know how to work anything in our house either...no worries. The glory of the internet these days is that almost all of our shows can be watched online the next day (or in stupid FOX's case, 8 days later). God bless the internet, 'cause our DVR (and it IS a DVR) can't pick up the signals very well and everything is always snowy. I'd rather watch it online later if I can't be sitting in front of the TV at the exact moment it's on.

Val said...

This is so funny because like you and Jade I can't figure out the TV and it's accessories either. If I even think about watching a DVD on the TV that has the DVR hooked up it gets all screwed up. I'm ok with that. It gives the man in my house something to be responsible for. Keeping the audo visual equipmnet working right. That and flying jets around the world using our computer. Those 2 things...he is very responsible with those 2 things. :)