Sunday, April 5, 2009

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night

A few days ago I told Fred I wanted to have a weekend where we had nothing planned. Our weekends are usually so hectic and packed with things, that I go to bed Sunday night exhausted instead of refreshed. I use my week to get over my weekend.

So our calendar was free, save for a little visit to Nash Farm for their Spring Event. They had pony rides, a petting zoo, hay rides, and a bunch a farm animals wandering around for the kids to pet.

I noticed when we took her home for lunch that she seemed a bit warm, but I attributed it to being out in the sun. I meant to take her temperature, but with all the other stuff I have to take care of for her, it slipped my mind.

I didn't think of it again until after dinner, when she was sitting next to me on the sofa and I could feel the heat radiating off of her. She didn't seem sick, in fact she was full of beans, so I wasn't all that worried when I took her temperature.

To my surprise, she rang in at 103.4. With Elise having diabetes, it really complicates things. So I called her pedi, who quickly suggested we take her to the ER. WHAT???

So about 45 minutes later we're sitting in the ER at Children's. Elise is screaming because that's her response to anything that looks remotely medical. Really, with all she's been through, can you blame her? They gave her an IV, some Motrin for the fever, and ran a bunch of tests; including a urine culture. Everything came back okay, which makes them think it's a viral infection. We finally got to go home around midnight.

This morning the fever is gone, but her blood sugar is sky-high and she has ketones. But she seems to be okay and is eating well, so it's sort of a mystery. Obviously something is going on that's affecting her sugar levels.

Please pray for our little girl, that she get over what she has quickly, and get her levels back to normal.


Kim said...

Will definitely pray!

The Coles said...

Hi Jo,

I will definitely pray for her. Take care of yourselves.

Denise Cole