Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallowe'en round-up!

I've been trying to find the time to post some pictures of all our Hallowe'en activities... and this morning I finally did. Except you get a super long post that will take you about three days to get through.

First stop... Pumpkin Patch!

Following the instructions on her shirt

Big fan of the tractor

Inside the house of hay

Not too sure about the slide

How do you make this thing go?

Plowing the corn fields


LOVE this picture!
Pumpkin Carving

What did you do to the pumpkin, Mom?

Poppa, stop hurting the pumpkin!

Finished product

Nice to meet you, Mr. Jack O'Lantern! Who knew pumpkins were Irish?

Trick or Treating


She didn't really like the scarecrow too much

Ready to roll!

Trick or Treating with some new friends

Let's go get more candy Poppa!

Aaaaaaaaaand, we're done! Congrats if you made it to the end and you are NOT directly related to me.


phonelady said...

I think that it is adorable that elise calls fred poppa . Im so glad that she chose something different .

Shamae said...

Very cute! She is adorable as a little elephant!

Laura Houston said...

I enjoyed the pictures - thanks for sharing. Does Elise call you mum?


Joanne said...

@ Laura - actually, she mostly calls me mãe (Mom in Portuguese), and sometimes Momma.

Meri said...

What a cutie pa tootie! She almost convinces me that Halloween is worth it...just to see little cuties in their costumes. Almost. :)

Joanne said...

@ Meri - you'll come over to the dark side one of these days!

Teresa said...

Good mooorning!
Only today I had the chance of checking the pictures. I loved it! Our menina looks sooo cute!!
I am sure she had a great time. We also did up here, Carolina was dressed as lady bug and I as Santa. The weather was not too bad.
A huge hug to all and a special kiss to Elise from Avo!

Liz Sobolik said...

Love it!! I can't believe how big Elise is getting! We need to get together with you guys!!!