Monday, November 23, 2009

I love...

... Moms who bring their kids to play times, and then sit on the side and zone out; leaving the rest of us to police their unruly children. Drink some coffee and wake up ladies, this is NOT free babysitting. When my child has been waiting patiently for another kid to abandon a toy, and when they do, your child comes over and rips it out of my kid's hands; I WILL return the favour in kind to your precious, little California Rae, who does not need to come to playtime dressed in full princess regalia. Wake up and smell the entitled teenager your daughter is bound to become in about 8 years.

... Kids named things like California Rae. Or Nevada, or Dakota, or Boston, Manhattan or Chicago. Hey parents? The map of the U.S. called and wants it's names back. The only name I'd be semi-okay with would be Ida Ho. Because my sarcastic, sick-and-twisted side finds it funny. My mother-of-a-child side finds it awful and is about to call CPS on you.

... People who are so ignorant that they think diabetes is nothing more than some sort of allergy to sugar, and not a potentially life-threatening disease that needs almost around the clock care and attention. Apparently, some people are allergic to smart.

... Those of you who are Apple users and apparently think it is your earthly duty to make other people blindly worship the product as much as you do. I am happy that you have found something that works for your computing/music/cell phone/being-connected-at-every-single-stupid-moment-of-the-day needs, but not everybody has to worship at the temple of Steve Jobs. When I talk about getting a new computer, that is not an open invitation for you to start in on me. "You should totally get an Apple. Apple rocks! Appley-appley-Iphone-IPod. Apple, Apple, Apple... blah blah blah." It's your fault that I no longer want to even eat an apple.

This is not aimed at those who are Apple users, just those who are users and think anybody who doesn't want an Apple (or can afford one) is an idiot.

Hmmmmm, some of the knots in my back have gotten better, but not all. Perhaps I should have used more profanity in this post. Maybe next time.


HeyJade said...

Preach it, woman!!!

Wym said...

Sounds like a tough day! Breath, breath, BREATH!!!!

phonelady said...

I love it california rae yeah amen the map wants its names back LOL!!! and ida ho I love that too !!! Yeah no more apple !!! I dont worship at the altar of steve jobs either LOL!!! You are awesome and you rock . Yes dont you just want to smack those parents in the head that think that their child had that toy and left it and god forbid my child should come pick it up . a little girl did that once to my son , my son snatched it back and told her to stop it !!the little girl came over and smacked my son in the face and before i could get there he smacked her dead back . I told him to not hit girls and he told me that girls should not hit boys either and I told you are completely right and got him in the car and I told him I was sorry for being wrong .

Meri said...

Amen, amen and amen. I am in full agreement with every single one of your gripes.


BFF's forever.

David & April Vinson said...

I think you worked out some of the kinks in my back too! You're hysterical!

Laura Houston said...

Laughing my ass off right now - - -
I sure hope it gets smaller!