Thursday, March 11, 2010

The in-between

It seems I have reached it.

That in-between stage.

Where my normal pants no longer really fit, so I have to make the decision to live the next month or so in sweat pants and a sign around my neck that says "no, I have NOT given up, I am pregnant and my real pants no longer FIT me."

Or do I make the transition to maternity pants, knowing full well that they will not fit and I run the risk of some jerkward coming up to me and singing "pants on the ground"?

My third option is to go the elastic band route (because I'm way too cheap to pay money for whatever those things are called), but that particular choice was cut off when a certain mischievous two year old absconded with the one and only elastic band in our house (the one I took off the celery in our fridge), and will not tell me where she put it.

I think I shall proudly opt for the sweat pants.


Meri said...

Sweat pants! Sweat pants! Sweat pants! You've earned it my dear! Live la vida loca!!!

Wym said...

I used a thick hair tie. I wore my good jeans another 2 months!

phonelady said...

yeah my vote is for sweat pants my dear have fun live a little .

Janice said...

I say sweat pants.... and just to make you feel better, I'll wear them all the time too, haha;-)

emily said...

and the due date of these sweat pants is.....? this is very cool!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

haha...pants on the ground...
i just wear a lot of skirts and dresses!
thanks for the thoughts! i'll keep y'all in our prayers too!