Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When sleeping can kill you

You may remember this post from last month in which I was lamenting about Fred's snoring. Well, after only 10 years of marriage did I finally convince him to go see a doctor about it. He was then referred to a sleep clinic.

The clinic took place last Saturday night. He got to sleep in a private room with cable TV and most importantly, uninterrupted sleep (that is, no middle of the night blood sugar checks). Jealous. I'd go sleep somewhere hooked up to wires and electrodes and other crazy things if you could guarantee me at least 4 hours on uninterrupted sleep.

Anyway, we got the call today from the clinic saying that Fred needs to go back for a follow-up. The reason? He stopped breathing over 120 times when they tested him. 120 times. 120. Times.

Seriously, that is crazy. I joked with him about all the brains cells that have been killed over the years due to oxygen deprivation. But it's not really a joke. Severe sleep apnea can lead to issues such as; heart disease, high blood pressure, compromised immune system, poor mental and emotional health, irritability, sexual dysfunction (apparently not-so-much on this one for Fred, or I wouldn't find myself in the position I'm in), and learning/memory problems. One in five people with severe sleep apnea also suffer from depression.

So he has a follow-up test this Saturday. I'm thinking about locking him in the closet at home and trying to pass myself off as a late-30s male with snoring issues. I'll do anything for a little sleep.

And some cable TV.


Meri said...

I'm all for you pretending to be Fred. I won't tell!

I'm so glad he is getting this taken care of...so scary!

Tracy said...

I won't tell either!

Seriously though, I hope they get it figured out so he is sleeping better!

girltravelor said...

Wow, as if you guys don't have enough going on! We'll be Thinking of you. Hope everything is okay.