Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh, poop

It's potty training time! And what a craptastic, kick-in-the-crotch, sucktacular time it is.

Part 1 of potty training actually went quite well. Elise pretty much learned to pee in the potty in about a day. She's been ready for awhile, but because of her diabetes (and sometimes high blood sugars), it was easier to keep her in diapers.

But after our trip to Vancouver, I decided the diapers needed to go. I was ecstatic at how quickly and happily she took to going on the potty. Until, that is, it came time to drop some kids off at the pool.

Since she's wearing underwear, and knows it's so not cool to drop a load in your pants, she started bringing me diapers and telling me that she needs to go poop. And when I tell her excitedly that she can do it on the potty, she breaks out into an all-out wail.

Seriously, you'd think I had told her that Thomas the Train had run over Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella; and as a punishment had been taken apart and sold to the scrap yard.

We've tried begging, pleading, bribes, veiled and not-so-veiled threats, cash, prizes, different potty seats and a seat that fits right on the toilet. I've tried letting her run around naked, which just led to her trying to escape out our front door naked yelling, "I want to be naked outside!"

I've tried refusing to put on her diaper, but one constipated woman in this house is enough (in case you weren't aware, pregnancy is very constipating).

Nothing works with her. Nothing. The child just will not poop on the potty. She told me that the poo-poo is happy in the diaper.

I talked to her doc today, and she told me to give it a rest for about a month. So no more potty talk for awhile. For a laugh I thought I'd include one of the funniest songs ever from the TV show Scrubs. Because everything DOES come down to poo.


Meri said...

I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time. But if it helps, once they go ONE time...the rest is easy peasy. Good luck Joanne!

phonelady said...

I agree with mary that once they go poo the first time in the potty the rest is easy especially with girls from what I hear .

The Crazy Pancreas said...

I am getting ready for round 2 of potty training, and it sucks! I feel your pain!

And I LOVE the clip from Scrubs! That might have been one of my favorite episodes too. :)

Bribes don't work? New princess something or another? Hmmm...I will let you know if I come up with something else.

When Z was learning, we told him that if he pooped in the potty he could get some roller skates. Worked FAST. You just have to find out what her currency is, I am sure she has one.

Joanne said...

@ CP - Nope... nothing works. We even took her to the store, let her pick out a pretty big toy (Little People... her absolute favourite), then put it up on a shelf and told her she can have it when she poops on the potty.

She still is refusing, even though she really, really wants the toy.

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i agree w/the doc...give it up and before you blink she'll be poopin like a pro on the potty! haha

i don't remember potty training the other just for lily...she already gives me a run for my telling what will happen!

Liz Sobolik said...

Oh my goodness, Elise CRACKS ME UP!

Tracy1918 said...

Oh I remember those days! I thought Matthew would NEVER be toilet trained.

One day I was so happy because he actually went in the potty. The next day, I asked him to do it again. He says "Mommy, I did it yesterday. I'm not going to do it every day!"

Fortunately, he did decide to do it every day. FINALLY! LOL!

Laura said...

You totally make me laugh!

As frustrating as it is the doc is right. It's a control thing and you have to just let it go for a while.

I had a friend that had the SAME issue with her daughter but my friend wouldn't give up! HAHA - her daughter would leave her big ol' poopie surprises in special places just for spite.

I always look at it like this . . . they will figure it out eventually and why sweat it if she's not ready. She has so much on her little plate already - if she wants to poop in the diaper for a little while longer -- she's the one that has to sit in it - right?

If she doesn't change her mind by 16 - we may have a problem. :)~

Lora said...

pooooooop!! hehehe

I love scrubs... sometimes it's so stupid it hilarious!! Okay... maybe always :)

Leighanna was hard to poooopy train. She did end up constipating herself several times. Justin on the other hand was no work at all. But I guess SOMETHING with him should be easy right?

Good luck... I hope she decides to drop the kids off super soon.

htimm=) said...

My SIL got my niece to poop in the pot by cutting a hole in her diaper. That way they both won. My niece got to wear the diaper and my SIL got her to use the potty. Every time she needed to poo my niece would bring my SIL a diaper. She would cut a hole in it and put her on the pot. Eventually she stopped using diapers. It help ease her in to the sensation. It's got to be a little freaky to drop a poo that far when your used to it just smooshing out.

Good luck to you! Potty training is my least favorite parenting task. If I could loan my kids out for one season, that'd be it. I'm finding the teen years to be more pleasant than potty training.