Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vancouver - Day 8

Whistler/Narin Falls

Prepare yourselves for a whole lotta pictures. Pretty pictures, but there's quite a few. On this day, we drove up past Whistler to Narin Falls (told you I have a thing about waterfalls)... This hike was Fred's and my first date back in '96.

♫ Meeeeeemories, like the corners of my mind... ♫

Sorry, I'm back.
Anyway... Enjoy!

Elise and Poppa in front of Green Lake

Green Lake. You can see cabins with float planes parked in front of them across the lake. I would like to live there

View overlooking the top of Narin Falls

A hiking we will go...

Our one and only family picture of the trip

Elise is not used to so much walking!

Glad it's him and not me

Fred took some great pictures on the hike

This one cracks me up for some reason

How beautiful

Fred getting funky with the camera again

Hiking buddies

Elise and Momma

Narin Falls is actually two falls, this is a shot of the first fall

She makes me laugh... I love this little girl and her many, many faces

Bottom drop of Narin Falls. See that wet rock that is sticking out? I used to scale the fence and go sit on that rock. And I have the picture to prove it...

Obviously, this picture was taken at a time when the water volume coming through the falls wasn't as high as it was this last time... still, if I could go back and kick my 21 year old ass for being so stupid, I would.


phonelady said...

wow he took you hiking on your first date huh ? that would trip me out . bee utiful pics by the way I love em really nice .

Joanne said...

Ha, ha... more like I took HIM hiking. I love being outside in nature so much that I hike is the best kind of date I could ask for!

emily said...

All your pictures have inspired us to go find some of the same places when we go up in July.
and I love the family photo from the trip.

Meri said...

Those pictures are amazing! What a beautiful place!