Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yummy goodness from Canada

Of course a trip home means I get to stock up on some of my favourite foods from the five major food groups:

back row: ketchup chips, Special K (different than the Special K in the U.S.), dill pickle chips, and Hickory Sticks

middle row: Shreddies (cereal, had to get rid of the box for packing purposes), Arrowroot baby cookies, Crispy Crunch, Oh Henry, and Caramilk

front row:
Walker's shortbread cookies

And no, I don't eat junk like this all the time. But going home for the first time in 5 years calls for a splurge, right? Plus at my last OB appointment, my doc told me I needed to gain some weight. Mission Accomplished!


phonelady said...

oh yeah who ever said you cant go home again had it wrong right ?

Wym said...

Looks like the good stuff! Hope you are feeling well and back home in muy caliente!

Tracy1918 said...

I would LOVE to hear my doctor tell me that.....Sigh.....