Saturday, November 27, 2010

Even more things Elise says

That's McDonalds! - What she said while watching a Jack in the Box commercial.

I love my Poppa all day!

I eat my food all - This is a direct translation of "I ate all my food" from Portuguese.

Elise: Why you screaming Momma (in my defence, I wasn't screaming, just pleading with the car in front of me to actually use that thing known as a gas pedal and drive faster than 20 miles an hour)?
Me: Because some people just don't know how to drive
Elise: But Momma knows how to drive... you drive soooooo good!
hee hee... she's pretty smart!

What's that the noises? - Translation: What's that sound?

My nose is sweaty! -
What she says when her nose is running

Me: Elise, you're a conundrum
Elise: I'm not a hockey player!

Me: Elise, you can't wear those crocs with that dress, they don't match
Elise: The point is, I get to wear my crocs.

Me: Elise, do you want to come with me to the mailbox to mail some letters"
Elise: Which ones Momma, B and D?

Poot taste - Toothpaste

Sticky Mouse - This is what she calls Mickey Mouse

Me: Elise, do you sometimes talk just to hear your own voice?

Elise: A little bit...

We were doing an alphabet puzzle, and for each letter I would ask her what words start with that letter, for example; the letter T, she would answer "toe". When I held up the letter J and asked her for a word, her reply was, "jay-jay"... which is what she calls a specific part of the female anatomy. Awesome. Can't wait until they cover the letter J in pre-school.


Jade =) said...

Poot taste! That's my fav! Hahaha~!

shannon said...

I love that you keep track of all these great things she says and does. I always meant to do it with L and never found the time.

Tracy1918 said...

This post is FANTASTIC, Joanne! I laughed so much that I had to share it with Matthew.

You know his favorite: Poot taste!