Sunday, November 14, 2010

Maybe we are doing something right

We have a neighbour that recently fell and broke her hip. Right now she's in the hospital and is facing a long road to recovery.

Today, as we were driving home from hanging out with some friends, Elise pipes up from the back seat, "I want to go visit B in the hospital." Totally out of the blue. Fred and I hadn't even been talking about B. In fact, we had told Elise about her a few days ago and hadn't brought it up since.

So Fred dropped Mattias and I off at home, and took Elise to see B. When she got home, I told Elise how proud I was, and how sweet it was of her to want to go see B in the hospital. Then I asked her why she had wanted to go.

Her response? "Because she was in the hospital!" But the kicker was what she added afterwards.

"She's sick and maybe lonely."

A pretty terrific moment in the midst off the terrible threes.


Meri said...

She is a wonderful girl. Her Aunt Meri is proud!

shannon said...

Oh man, that's so wonderful! :D

Kim said...

Sounds like God is building in her a heart of compassion. That's just beautiful!