Friday, February 4, 2011

Mattias's first snow. In Texas. Yes... Texas

Okay... technically it's not his first snow, as I seem to recall a dusting that happened either earlier this year or late last year. But it was all melted by noon, so it doesn't count. This? We've been stuck in our house since Tuesday, so I think this officially counts.

Snow baby!

Elise showing Mattias how to make a snow angel

Holding both Mattias and the camera... kind of a tricky shot. Cute, nonetheless

The girls from next door came knocking, asking if Elise wanted to come out and build a snowman... how sweet are they?

Elise and the girls posing with "Heart" (named by Elise). Heart's eyes are lifesavers and the mouth is one of those candy fruit slices. I have finally found a use for leftover Halloween candy!


Jade =) said...

Ohmygoodness, his snowsuit is ADORABLE!!! Where did you get that?!?!