Monday, June 13, 2011

9 months

The title of this post is supposed to be said like Mr. Rooney in Ferris Bueller's Day off when he's informing Ferris's mother that her son has missed school 9 times that semester.

It needs to be said slowly. Deliberately. Emphatically. Because, crap-on-a-stick... I cannot believe my baby is 273.93 days (well, more than that now) old.

The moment of his turning 9 months happened somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, as we were flying back from Portugal. I was most likely wrestling with him; trying to keep him from pulling the hair of Spanish Dude, the guy that was sitting in front of us. I really should have let him have a go at it, as it was Spanish Dude and his merry band of idiots that kept waking Mattias up with their misguided notion that our flight was party plane central. But I digress...

This was a big month for Mattias, as he added a plethora of new skills to his repertoire. He now pulls himself up (yikes), crawls (ugh), claps and waves. He can also say; Mama, Papa, hi, olá (he's bilingual!), and Bob.

That last one needs some explaining. Mattias loves to bob up and down as he sits in his high chair. So we started to call him "Bob". And we would say, "Bob, bob, bob, bob" in tandem with his bobbing. So now he just bobs and says it to himself.

He seems to have turned a corner with his issues with eating, which has removed a huge amount of stress from my life. He has his 9 month appointment tomorrow, so we'll know if he's doing better weight-wise then.

I love this boy. So much. I love how Elise is his favourite person in the world. I love how busy he is, how inquisitive. I love his social nature... in Portugal, he was adored everywhere we went; waving and smiling at people from his stroller.

As always, I have uploaded some pictures of his royal cuteness. And a video that shows he can bust a move.

9 months... it just doesn't seem possible.

Going to the beach!

Loving Portugal

Sweet half smile

Love his baby blues!

Conked out


Let's ride

Father and son

Rockin' his hat


shannon said...

NINE TIMES! ahahah

omg those are some HAPPY KIDS you have there. AWESOME. :D

linda said...

What did you feed that little boy in Portugal??? I saw you just before you left and I swear he has grown a foot. What a personality, I LOVE THE VIDEO. Too too cute!
Linda K.

Amanda said...

love the super cute video Mama!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

He is so darn cute!!! So is Elise! The video was really fun to watch. Left me smiling. :) It's a favorite song in our house too!

David and April Vinson said...

He's cute as a button! SO glad things are settled down in the food department! Whew! :)