Friday, June 17, 2011

Stay classy Vancouver

I'm sure you've heard all about the riots that took place after game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals in Vancouver. If you haven't, then:

The Canucks lost.

People rioted.

Please note that I don't think the latter happened because of the former. I think the winds of a riot were in the air no matter what the outcome of the game. It was so palatable, I could feel it all the way down here in Texas. Let's review:

There was a huge gathering of people in the streets.

There was alcohol.

Probably drugs.


Stupid teenagers with no supervision and nary a brain cell in sight.

And I'm guessing there wasn't enough police presence to keep people in line. Because let's face it... mix all the above ingredients together and something is going to happen.

I actually got caught up in the riot that happened in '94. At the beginning, the whole gathering was rather positive. It all turned ugly when some jerkwad decided to climb up and traverse the overhead bus wires. He fell, and as the police tried to escort the paramedics into the crowd, the shoving began and the rest is history.

At least my 16 year old brain had the good sense to get the hell out of there.

I was very sad to read about the riots. Disgusted. I feel for all the store owners and businesses that were damaged that night.

But unlike some people, this incident did not make me want to revoke my Canadian citizenship. Nor am I ashamed about being from Vancouver. I recognize that a few (hundred) incredibly, stupid, horrible eggs does not a city or country make.

Did you know that the night of the riots, a facebook group was started? Its aim was to get people out to clean up the city the next day. There are reports that over 13,000 people signed up to help (although the actual number of people who showed up is not known), and almost all the damage was cleaned up by 11:00 am the day after the riots.

That's the Vancouver I know and love.
Let's hope the people that tried to destroy it get exactly what they deserve.


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