Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pregnancy Stuff to Remember - Week 31

Size of baby: I'm not answering this anymore... it's stupid.Total Weight Gain: I was up by about 14 pounds, but lost 5 during a round of food poisoning.  Yuck.

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much yes all around now... I managed to find some cute maternity stuff on clearance while on a girls trip out to SF a few weeks ago.  Yay!

Still a boy.

Movement: 24/7, baby!  He loves to do a jig every night around the midnight hour.  Or is it a reel?  I could never tell the difference between the two...

Symptoms: Back pain and feeling like I'm going to fall on my face from being front-heavy.

Sleep: Hit or miss depending on if the baby using my uterus as a dance club and how much my back hurts.  I get by with a little help from Tylenol PM

What I miss: Definitely sleeping on my back. Being able to roll over during the night without having to wake up.

Cravings: When I was in SF I got to satisfy my strawberry-rhubarb pie craving.  Three times!

Best Moments these last 5 weeks: My D-Mamas trip to SF (first time away from the kids... ever!). While I was there, I was in a maternity shop and as I turned around this lady gasped and said, "you are just the cutest pregnant woman ever!"  It does wonders for the ego hearing stuff like that...

What I am looking forward to: Getting ready for the baby to come. Colder weather. Meeting our newest little man!

Nine more weeks!


Kelly said...

Wow...only 9 more weeks until we meet the little man...can't wait! You really are the cutest prego woman ever! xoxo