Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And so it begins...

Some first day thoughts:

  • Though I didn't cry, I did tear up.  I think the no-crying was mostly due to being distracted by my other two.
  • When I came in the room to give her a hug good-bye, her response was a very disinterested, "okay Mom.  Fine. Bye!" I don't think she ever looked up from what she was doing.
  • You'd think that would hurt my feelings, but it actually makes me feel pretty good.  Like I just might have done a good job in preparing her for stuff like this.
  • She was a little ticked at only going a half day.
  • When I picked her up and asked her how the day went, she told me, "it was a little too easy.  I though Kindergarten was going to be harder."  
  • She was also disappointed that there was no homework.
  • I need to get a friend for Mattias.  About 10 minutes after we came home from dropping Elise off, he asked me if we could go get her because he missed her.
  • I'm wondering if this school stuff will affect the close relationship they have.  I really hope not... I love how they love each other.
  • I am now officially old.


Kelly said...

Happy First Day of Kindergarten Elise! Hope the year ahead is filled with many new and wonderful adventures for all of you! xoxo

shannon said...

AAAAHHHHH! happy very belated first day of kindergarten omg! love the pic! and the memories! you'll be so happy to have taken note of them in the future! <3