Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daily Picture Reject #8

People have asked us when we're going to stop taking daily pictures of Elise. We really don't have an answer to that. Although I can't really see myself calling her from the nursing home (that she'll presumably put us in as payback for the daily pictures), telling her she needs to stop the brain surgery she's in the middle of and come on over because I have the background all set up. Is wanting your child to become a doctor too common of a desire? How about she becomes the star forward and leading scorer on earth's premier inter-galactic soccer team, and single-handedly helps the team to win the Universe Cup against Mars. Slash doctor. Because face it, athletes need a fall-back career.

Anyway, it seems, yet again, I've wandered a bit far afield. We'll most likely stop when she becomes stronger than me and can wrestle me to the ground; stealing the camera and burying it where it cannot be found. I believe that is the scenario running through her head in this picture... "Lady, just you wait."


Gabriela said...

Dear Jo,

It's me. Gabi. 'member me? :) I've enjoyed your blog SOOOO much! You're the BEST writer in the whole world. When can we get together and hang out? I want to meet your brand new baby. I mean toddler. Email me at my crown.org address so we can set a date. I can't wait to see you friend! PS - I thought of you today and laughed outloud! Yo Yo Ma was playing at the inauguration and I rmember us calling you Ma Ma Jo and Jo Jo Ma. Ha! We're the only two that can laugh at that. Love you and miss you!