Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pyjama Day #2

Because the weather here has been so crummy the last few days, Elise and I have been hanging out in our pyjamas since Sunday night. I believe that's a total of 40 hours pyjama-time so far (not counting bathing). If all goes as planned, and we don't change into "real clothes" until before we go to story time on Wednesday morning, we'll have each logged 60 hours in our pyjamas. That rocks on so many levels.

That's not to say being a stay-at-home mom is easy. I mean, there's getting the bon-bons out of the cupboard, opening the bon-bons, chewing and swallowing the bon-bons, picking up the remote to turn the TV on, deciding which "Judge" show to watch... the list is endless.

Actually, right now my favourite entertainment is to watch the weather people practically crap themselves when they see the tiniest bit of frozen precipitation. "Ice, Julie, ice! Did you see it? If you look reeeeeeally closely, you can see it forming on the ground. Damn, it seems my warm breath just melted it. Oh well, back to you in the studio."

Heh, crazy weather guys.


Curdie said...

Ah, good stuff...and so true.

HeyJade said...

Bahahaha, I love watching the news on days like that too...the anchors have literally talked themselves loony for hours upon hours and I find it just absolutely hilarious. I will sit and watch it for hours because it's so dang amusing.