Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Brain Hurts

Dear Creators of Lost,

I "heart" your show, I really, really do. But I need to get one thing through to you. I know that a lot of people who watch your show are nerdly crazies (and I say that with absolute fondness), who troll your Lost-related websites, know John Locke's middle name, and can probably correctly tell you what how many times Jack and Kate have kissed, or almost kissed (and probably yell "ewwww, girl cooties" when it happens).

But there is another faction of your loyal viewers who are like me. Their days are filled with many things; be it a stressed-filled job out in the real world, or chasing a toddler who has managed to get her hands on your grocery coupons and is gleefully throwing them around the room. Sometimes, they even do both. What I'm trying to say is that by the end of the day, we lack the mental capacity to keep up with your plot twists, turns, and loop-de-loops.

When I wander into my bathroom, I usually cannot remember what I am there for (although the options are rather limited), so how on earth am I supposed to follow the plot-lines of 8 different characters in your season premier? What has it been, like three years since last season's episode? I'm amazed I can even remember the dog's name.

All I ask is this, adhere to the KISS principal... Keep it Simple, Stupid. At least some of your loyal viewers will be thankful. And for the love of all that is holy, please tell us what happened to Walt.


HeyJade said...

What's the dog's name??!?! I couldn't remember for the life of me last nite! And Michael was all, "where'd the dog come from anyway?!" HAHAHA! It totally makes my brain hurt, but I LOOOOVVVEEEE it and honestly...wouldn't want it any other way. So, I agree and disagree with you on this one!

Val said...

We should form our own club, because I was like "rewind it, ....rewind it again...". I have way too many questions and only so much space in which to store them. And I too was blank when it came to the dogs name. And I would like to know how Claire's mum made it out of the vegetative state and looks so good. And, and, and....

Joanne said...

This I can help you guys with... the dog's name is Vincent.

And thanks Val, for making me remember all the other questions I have. It's going to be a looooong season.

Curdie said...


Some of those Lost geeks need to set up a website for Cliff's Notes.

...Maybe they already have