Thursday, March 26, 2009

Go Canucks Go!

Thanks to our friends Gerald and Amber, we were able to see our second Canucks vs. Stars game this season. Although they had four tickets, they weren't all together, but both sets of seats were AMAZING! One set, which we sat in for periods one and three, were in the lower section, right behind the Stars net... perfect location to boo Turco from!

The second set were again in the lower section, right behind the Canucks bench. We sat in these seats during period two and were so close to the players you could smell the sweat. No, you really couldn't. Because hockey sweat is gross and I would never voluntarily sit that close to it.

It was fun to switch seats with Amber and Gerald each period because it confused the crap out of people. One guy thought he was in the wrong section because as he put it, "the people who were here before looked totally different than you and had two boy babies with them instead of one girl." As ridiculous as that statement was, I have to give him credit for noticing at all.

Anyway, it was a great game, with the good guys (Canucks) winning 5 - 2. Lots of hitting, great plays and even some rough stuff. I even remembered to take a few pictures.

Enough posing, I want to watch the game!

Our vantage point during the second period

Happy fans!

This one was taken by Elise... kinda artistic, don't you think? I call it "Hockey Reflections"


Bev said...

I think Elise has quite an eye for photography! Great job!