Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just for the hail of it

We had a pretty nasty hail storm last (Monday) night. Fred and I were getting ready for bed when all of a sudden it sounded like millions of ginormous cannibalistic toads (à la Stephen King's Rainy Season) were pelting our rooftop. Here are some pics of the hail that I bravely (read stupidly) darted out into the storm to get. I put a quarter beside the hail stone so you have some frame of reference.

I was pretty impressed with the size of this one until...

About 5 minutes later when hail the size of this one started to fall

A neighbour was telling us today that a friend of his had to go move the car to covered parking when the hail started to fall, so he put on his wife's bike helmet. I am so totally doing that the next time it hails.